Hard Money for Real Estate Investors and Developers

Massachusetts and New Hampshire

  • Single family rehab projects
  • Multi family acquisitions and rehab
  • Commercial acquisition and development
  • New construction

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Why Buy Now?

  • Speed
    • We underwrite FIRST, so you know right away if we can close your deal.  No waiting until 3 days before closing to find out you need another lender
    • About 2 weeks to close, faster if needed
  • No junk fees
    • We have no appraisal fees, application fees, underwriting fees, site visit fees, no doc prep fees
    • No upfront fees, no back end fees,  you will pay only a small third party deposit direct to the title attorney which is applied to your closing costs
  • Transparency
    • We will be direct, transparent and there will be no surprises at the closing table
  • Competitive rates
  • No tax returns, FICO requirements or income verification
  • All property conditions considered

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Please contact us before submitting an application so that we can determine feasibility.

Please Note:

We do not lend on any owner occupied properties.

Loans are made to entities (Corporations, LLC’s, etc) only