Have you ever lost your cell phone?  Even for a little while? 

You’ve had that gut-wrenching feeling – all the lost data, not to mention the expense of replacing that expensive smart phone.

I have found the most awesome application for my android phone – it’s called Lookout, and it will actually find my phone if it is lost, stolen, or just missing around the house or office.  It’s a no-charge application with a premium version, so you should:

1.        Download the app Lookout to your phone.

2.       Go to MyLookout.com and register

Once you’ve done that you can:

·         LOCATE – You can log onto Mylookout.com, click locate, and the location of your phone will be shown within A FEW METERS! (This won’t work if you have turned it off, the battery has died, it’s been smashed by a car, or it has shorted underwater in the toilet.)cell phone in water


·         SCREAM – Once you’ve determined approximately where it is, you can turn on a loud and flashing alarm, even if your volume is turned off.

How cool is that?  You can narrow down the location and then set it to make noise even if you have it on vibrate!  No more misplaced cell phones.  But wait!  There’s more!  (I have no affiliation with Lookout, I just like the app)

·         BACKUP – Automatically back up your data

·         SECURITY – This application is primarily for virus protection, because viruses are becoming more common on smart phones these days.  You can also manage privacy settings

And if you choose to upgrade to the paid premium version, if your phone is stolen or lost, you can

·         LOCK – you can lock it remotely

·         WIPE – you can wipe it clean of data so no one can access your personal files and information

All of this can be managed remotely from the web.  The app is for Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile phones.  I’m told  there is something similar for iPhones.  www.mylookout.com