Where we lend

  • Massachusetts:  We lend in the eastern half of Massachusetts from Worcester and immediate western suburbs to points east, and from the Cape Cod Canal north.
  • New Hampshire:  We lend from Concord south, and occasionally in the Lakes Region.
  • We do not lend in other areas


  • First position only, always secured with real estate
  • 75-85 % of purchase money and 100% of rehab or construction funds
  • 10-12% Simple interest depending on the deal, interest only payments
  • 2-3 points, usually paid up front, occasionally we will accrue points and even interest payments until maturity
  • Minimum loan $100,000, maximum $1,000,000
  • 6-12 month term, depending on the deal
  • Up to 70% of ARV
  • Must take title in an entity (LLC or Inc.)
  • Must close with our title company (in NH) or attorney (in MA)

We do NOT:

  • Lend in 2nd position
  • Lend on any property intended to be owner occupied

Special Circumstances:

  • We will consider cross collateralization in lieu of cash

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