Pre-approval letter and Feasibility request

Massachusetts and New Hampshire


We do not provide proof of funds, but if you are looking for a pre-approval letter to submit with your offer, or whether a deal is feasible for us to fund,  fill out the form on this page below.

Please be sure to check our Hard Money Terms page, as it may be helpful.


Pre-approval request
Use this form to request a pre-approval letter or a feasibility request for your deal. We will respond within 24 hours, normally. Be sure to give us accurate contact information in case we have questions
You must take title in an entity, either an LLC or Inc, and you must include the full name here INCLUDING the designation LLC or Inc. We issue pre-approval letters to companies only. If you have not completed registration of your LLC, you can still enter the name here, including LLC or Inc, but you must complete your LLC registration before you sign a P&S.
Field is not mandatory but helps us know who you are
Prefer your cell phone if we have questions about this request
If you do not want a pre-approval for a specific property, you should use the comments field below to explain
Enter the contracted price for the property, or the most you would pay for the property if it is not yet under agreement
Enter the construction budget for the property if you are seeking feasibility on a specific deal
Enter the price you expect to realistically sell for if you are seeking feasibility on a specific deal
If you want to know if this deal is feasible for us, enter the amount you are willing to put as a down payment. Please know we do not provide 100% of purchase price.
Anything else you want us to know