It’s not often anyone takes the time to write a glowing review.  Especially in the hard money business.    So when it happened, I just had to share, because it made my day.  The writer prefers to remain anonymous, which of course I respect, but will speak with individuals considering New Hampshire hard money investing and Massachusetts hard money investing if they want to verify that this is real and I’m not just making it up.A++ 

“I would be happy to give Ann an A++ reference.  I have been lending through Ann for several years now and she has always been outstanding.  She’s meticulously organized, really stays on top of all the issues, knows the real estate business in and out, and is very forthright and reliable.   The private lending business isn’t for everyone, but if you’re looking to enter the arena, working with Ann is definitely a great place for you.  Without reservation, I can highly recommend her.