Get Your Private Money Real Estate Loan from Buy Now LLC – Apply Now!

Buy Now, a private money lender  in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, is fast, convenient and transparent. Ready to do a deal?

Once Your Project Is Under Agreement:

  • Fill out our Application Form
  • Email it to us with your signed contract, either the signed Offer to Purchase or the Purchase & Sale Agreement. If the documents are not yet fully executed but are in process, send the unsigned version. (Note: It must be in the name of your Inc. or LLC entity, or the seller must be willing to modify the contract to close in the name of your entity.)
  • If your project is not yet under agreement, you can ask us for Pre-Approval.

Review and Site Visit

Initial review will take 1-3 days and we will schedule a site visit. You must be present at the site visit.


  • Subject to satisfactory site visit, a term sheet will be issued, and upon acceptance, the file will be sent to the closing attorney. You will then provide the following Required Documentation:
  • Declaration of Commercial Use
  • W-9 for both the entity, and for you and your partners personally. Be sure to indicate the tax status of the entity on the W-9
  • Evidence of Property Insurance (you will receive instructions)