Get Your Private Money Real Estate Loan from Buy Now LLC – Apply Now!

Buy Now is the private money lender you want to do business with in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, and perhaps the quickest and easiest hard money loan company active today. Ready to do a deal?

Once Your Project Is Under Agreement:

  • Fill out our Application Form
  • Email it to us with your signed contract, either the signed Offer to Purchase or the Purchase & Sale Agreement. If the documents are not yet fully executed but are in process, send the unsigned version. (Note: It must be in the name of your Inc. or LLC entity, or the seller must be willing to modify the contract to close in the name of your entity.)
  • If your project is not yet under agreement, you can ask us for Pre-Approval.

Review and Site Visit

Initial review will take 1-3 days and we will schedule a site visit. You must be present at the site visit.


  • Subject to satisfactory site visit, a term sheet will be issued, and upon acceptance, the file will be sent to the closing attorney. You will then provide the following Required Documentation:
  • Declaration of Commercial Use
  • W-9 for both the entity, and for you and your partners personally. Be sure to indicate the tax status of the entity on the W-9
  • Evidence of Property Insurance (you will receive instructions)
Please Note!

You must close with our attorney. This process averages 2 weeks but can vary according to complexity of title, and seller cooperation.

If this schedule doesn’t fit with your projected closing date, Contact Us.