Here are a few costly delays that my customers have experienced recently when rehabbing a fix and flip

  • Gas companies frequently won’t install or reactivate lines in the winter
  • If you need a new water line, it probably won’t be installed in the winter
  • Asphalt plants shut down in the winter, so even if you could pave in winter, you can’t get the asphalt
  • Building inspectors don’t work on your schedule, they work on their schedule, which can be months
  • If you miss completion of your rehab project in time for a family to buy and move in by the end of August, your buyer pool may be significantly decreased once school starts
  • And the biggest delay, is your contractor.  His priority is getting as many jobs going as possible.  The more jobs he starts, then the more jobs he gets paid for.  The more jobs he gets paid for, the slower they all move.  The slower your job moves, the more you pay in carry costs.  Managing contractors properly is one of the very important skills you learn in real estate investing.