Here is an email I received about a hard money loan in Massachusetts.   It made me laugh, and I told the writer why, he laughed also, and he agreed.

“My partner and I have formed a seasoned team to acquire and deliver real estate projects to completion.  We have been working with several principals interested in liquidating their holdings.  And as such, we are positioned to secure these projects for development.”

Translation:  We found some deals.

“What we require is the capital funding to make that happen.  I have some capital at my disposal, however, I am not in a position to qualify for any financing.  My partner does not have the financial capacity either, but does bring over 50 years of development experience to the table.  We strongly believe we can deliver one or many of the projects we are currently working on.”

Translation:  We don’t have enough cash or credit, but need to borrow the money anyway.

“We welcome the opportunity to provide you with some additional details on the acquisition and build-out of one or two select deals we have in the queue.  We believe that we can make several of these work even with the prospect of using hard money financing.  We look forward to hearing how you may assist us.”

Translation:  Can we talk?  So I can figure out of you are too expensive for the deal to work?

The borrower in question is accustomed to working in the commercial funding world, where presentation is paramount.  In hard money lending, we tend to cut to the chase.  Feel free to do the same when you call us.  🙂